Fordite, sterling silver & moonstone


In keeping with the current trend towards color, let me introduce you to the super cool motor agate or Fordite 😎 Back in the day when the cars were hand sprayed then cured, the overspray would build up to the point where it would start to block the tracks and they would have to pry it off and start over. At that point it had been cured up to 100 times. When gemologists discovered this hardened, colorful new stone the Fordite mines dried up in no time because this method of painting the cars is long gone. The authentic Fordite that is currently in circulation is all that there is and will ever be so if this cool, colorful piece of history speaks to you, get it while you can. No two pieces are the same and each side of the same piece is different! This one is paired with some top quality moonstones that have a lot of luminosity and red/blue flash.

*18 inches unless otherwise requested upon checkout