Top Jewelry Trends from New York Fashion Week September 2019

To many of us, the fall season is synonymous with fashion. From chunky knits to boots and jackets, there’s always a new silhouette and color pallet to subtly differentiate the old from the on-trend. Experts agree that a fool-proof way to look elegant and stylish is to stick with shapes and colors that suit your unique figure and complexion, adding the “wow factor” with your accessories. An oversized pearl necklace and statement earrings will hold more fashion clout and garner more admiration than the latest trends in bare midriffs and sky high platforms. Another advantage of this strategy is that the trends for jewelry are much broader and longer lasting than the ever-changing clothing trends. Below are a few of the latest jewelry trends so you can get a head start on building a versatile, timeless collection that will transform your basic looks into head-turning ensembles for years to come.

  1. PEARLS – The classic beauty of pearls never goes out of style but the current pieces have strayed quite a bit from your grandma’s special strand. These are not Barbara Bush’s pearls either. Your updated pearls might be paired with an unexpected material such as leather or maybe an antique medal or coin from another time and place. Modern shapes such as long linear earrings also give pearls a major makeover.
  2. CHAINS, CHAINS, CHAINS – The 80s are back in full swing with this look. From oversized and bold to smaller and layered, chains are everywhere. Earrings, bracelets and necklaces are all in the chain gang this season. Mix and match them on their own or add your special pendants. which brings us to #3.
  3. COINS AND MEDALLIONS are still all the rage. Antique and one of a kind coins and medals can further personalize your look. Trinkets and interesting found objects are also making an appearance on the individualized neck-mess of chains and locks. I like to keep these trinkets of high quality (precious metals or rare antiques of some value) but you’ll see everything from tiny dolls, rubber animals and keys in this street-style trend.
  4. TASSELS are hanging in there for a cool, boho vibe. I like to add diamonds or an antique silver component just to elevate this fashion trend to heirloom quality. A long leather tassel necklace is always a great statement piece to transform a basic T or sweater. Tassels are also being spotted in one or both earrings.
  5. STATEMENT EARRINGS are big again. We are still seeing a lot of mismatched and single earrings as well as long linear pairs. Hoops are also on the scene with a twist. Maybe they’ll take on an unusual shape or adornments of stone, pearl or chain.

This list definitely does not cover everything that was seen this season. It’s just the highlights and there are many things not on this list and not seen at fashion week that would be perfect to express your own personal style. As with everything in fashion (or in life for that matter), take what speaks to you and leave the rest. You are beautifully and uniquely made and no one knows what suits you as well as you do.