Galleria’s Five Questions for Jewelry Designer Liz Oie

When it comes to wearable, but fabulous jewelry, nobody does it better than Liz Oie.

The Burnsville artist has had her work on Julia Roberts and Tori Spelling. She works in precious and semi-precious gems set in gold and sterling silver and has been experimenting with leather and a variety of creative materials. You can find a selection of her work at Epitome and you might find her at Galleria.

Here’s a little insight into her style.

Q What’s your inspiration right now?
My inspiration comes from the stones and other components that I am designing with. This along with the current trends, season and many times colors and textures found in nature. For instance, a sunset over the water has inspired me to pair red garnet, ruby, citrine and other fiery sunset colors with cool blue topaz or turquoise. I think I am also subconsciously encouraged to go in one direction or another by the feedback I get from my customers. After all,  my goal is to help the women who wear my pieces to look and feel good about themselves. This is what drives me to make sure that each piece is not only salable but also special. I want it to stand out and enhance the beauty of the woman wearing it.

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