Star Tribune: Locally Made Gifts for Mom

Star Tribune
Celeb moms Tori Spelling and Kourtney Kardashian wear Oie Jewelry’s Tree of Life necklace personalized with their children’s birthstones.
It’s time to show Mom some love. Mother’s Day is Sunday, and instead of resorting to last-minute chocolates and flowers, why not try a local find that’s as wonderful as she is.

Tree of Life necklace

You’ll have to special-order this charming design, which includes a birthstone representing each child’s birth month, but it’s worth the wait. Made by Liz Oie of Burnsville, the necklaces have recently been given to Tori Spelling with aquamarine (March), pearl (June) and opal (October) and Kourtney Kardashian with blue topaz (December).

$199 for silver and $230 for gold at

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